Someone so small with such a small name. Small to look at with the eye. With many layers on the inside. To me I’m 6ft 6, Ego as tall as if I were 7 foot. Personality as big as party of people. Attitude for days. Jokes for days even though I don’t try. I’m just me…
I hate triers. Absolute begs.

I moan about everything. If I don’t like something I will say I’m not assertive. I’ve tried to be but I find it pathetic. Not saying what’s bothering you or on your mind will drive you insane. Fuck that shit!!! Oh yh if you haven’t noticed I swear a lot. People always say stop swearing… My reply is FUCK FUCK FUCKerty fuck. Who gives a fucking shit I’m an adult. You do you I’ll do me. It’s just words, and I’m the master of words.

I’m not a bitch, nor do I try to be one. People just assume I am. Especially if you don’t know me. I’m actually a nice person. My name actually means friend. I’m a friendly person but…. I’m a scorpion so don’t get on the wrong side of me, or there’ll be hell to pay.
I have a lot of opinions just like the next person. The only difference is I’m not afraid to speak up. I don’t take no bullshit from no one, however Big or small. Larger people do NOT scare or intimidate me. Whilst growing up my mother always said. “The BIGGER the beast the harder the fall. I believe this to be true. Never lost a fight yet. All whom have been taller than me. ( Well Fuckin el who isn’t.) Don’t intend to lose either. If I ever lost a fight please remove your mom and family from this country because I’ll come for her and them…😬 Can’t believe I just told you all that. 🙈🙈🙈

Many people laugh and joke at other people’s expense behind closed doors. I prefer to do it blatant. In your face. If you asked me more than likely I would say “yehp I’ve bin laughing about your weave, your face or belly.” Who cares. I don’t fear no one only god. This could be why.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone and I certainly don’t compare myself to anyone because I’m unique there is no other I’m a one off, Limited edition. Closest you will get to someone like me is my sisters. I may come across as overly confident but by far I’m not. I’m not vain but I know I’m special and Nope BITCH not special needs. I’m FAKKIN amazing YA CUNTS. Looool!!!

I count my change before I leave shops, so why must I short change myself when it comes to people. I’m worth more than money. My personality is priceless. It’s worth more than my appearance. Without me there is no party. I am the party.

My fave saying is “Bye” or “No one cares.” Because who actually does…

I don’t have any idea why I’m still typing because I feel like I’m chatting shit and coming across as an absolute PRICK!!!

🙈Ohhh lord just read it back… I might have to change this… But for now it shall stay. Badgyal C, Lil miss Naughty from 1990’s.

Anyway read my posts, blogs or whatever.

Comment, agree with me, try not to get cheeky tho cuz I always have the last word. Pmsl. That’s a joke I think.




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